Rocket Launcher Break Cue Is The most powerful, accurate, consistent, easy to use, thought out, USA Made, Custom Break Cue ever designed!

What makes this cue so special?

unique patent pending taper – slight offset conical taper 13.0mm to standard joint size 8 inches past the joint creates a never before known feel and delivery.

How Does that help my break?

anti closed bridge disruption – this will give you the ability to follow through further than any other cue without breaking your bridge helping keep your hand on the table and aim percentages more consistent.

Is it powerful?

smooth energy transfer – with 100 of yrs of shared playing expertise we use wood and material combinations such as carbon fiber and or purple heart that produce the perfect balance and weight distribution needed to help this cue create the smoothest energy transfer from arm to cue stick to cue ball!

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    • bencriscutto Post author

      HI, We prefer to stay around 18-18.5, 19.5 oz and use a hanshew break tip. You can always get a different tip put on if you don’t want what it comes with. We are open to requests. There may be an up charge. What exactly are you wanting?

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